My rates are very competitive, especially for this very high cost area. I reserve the option to change them at any time.

Also, payment is required in cash prior to the beginning of the checkride.

Basic rates

Initial ratings: $500

Private, recreational

Commercial ratings: $600

Add-on ratings: $400 and up

Instrument, AMEL to ASEL, ASEL to AMEL 


ATP AMEL: $600

Initial CFI: $700


Add-on CFI (you already hold a CFI rating): $600



King Air 300/350 type ratings: $1,500 and up

Varies depending on your current certificate, whether you want to add ATP, etc...


Checkrides in experimental aircraft: Varies

Please contact me for details about my requirements.


Other rates (retests, relocation, miscellaneous)

Retest (my disapproval): $200

Retest (other examiner's disapproval): $200 and up

Fee varies depending on what your retest entails


Administrative actions (CFI renewal/reinstatement, SOE removal):  $250 and up


Relocation: $100 and up

Additional fee if you want me to come to your airport (2W6, KRMN, 2W5...)